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Getting started with Skillwerx

Add your talents to our database of highly skilled professionals. Our unique algorithm pairs qualified candidates based on skillset and presents you with a concise list of projects that match your talents. Give us a try - there are no commissions, and no tokens to buy, just a low monthly membership fee.

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Create your custom profile

Create your custom profile to showcase your skills, education, experience, and portfolio. Potential clients will see this online resume when they search for skills, and you will be suggested for projects that meet your skillset.


Put your skills to work

No more browsing through endless lists of projects that don't relate to your talents. With Skillwerx, you will spend more time bidding and less time searching.  We find the projects that meet your skills and present them to you.  Potential clients can also invite you to bid, making the search for quality projects even easier.


Bid on projects

Bid on as many projects as you like, work as many projects as you can, connect with as many new clients as you are able, all without any additional fees. No limitations, no connection fees, no upchanges, no tokens to buy.


Let the work come to you

Bid on as many projects as you like, or wait for project managers to invite you to bid. Either way, finding new work has never been easier.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many bids can I submit a month?

As many as you feel qualified to submit. We place no limits on the number of project bids that you can submit, however you can only submit one bid per project.

What is "Forever Pricing?"

Just as it sounds, the price you are paying today is the price you will always pay. Over time our monthly subsciption price may increase, but your rate will stay the same - even if you cancel your account and return later. Posting projects will always be free.

How can I find a project to work on?

There are a few ways that you can get a project, and they all begin with a complete profile. Listing your skills on the profile helps us to match you with projects that are a good fit, and you can submit a bid for the job based on those suggestions. Customers can also see you are a recommendation and invite you to submit a bid. Additionally, customers can simply search for the skills they are seeking and contact you directly.

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