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Getting started with Skillwerx

We provide access to a vast database of qualified professionals in a wide variety of fields. You can search for the skills that you need and contact members directly, or post a project and we'll pair you with professionals that have the skills you require.  Our unique algorithm pairs qualified candidates based on skillset and presents you with all the information you need to make the smart choice. Seeking to hire a new team member? We can help there, too. Give us a try - it's completely free to sign up and completely free to use. No commissions, no fees, just hard-working talent ready to work for you.

Looking for work? Find out how it works for professionals.

Create a project

Provide a few basic pieces of information about the work you need done, including budget, geographic restrictions, and hiring requirements.  Once you have listed your project we can begin making suggestions about which of our professionals have the skills your need.


Find pros with skills

List the skills required to complete your project and our unique algorithm pairs you with qualified professionals with the education and experience required to get the job done.  The more detailed your skill requirements are, the more specific our suggestions will be.


Receive unlimited bids

Based on your description and skill requirements, we'll make suggestions of professionals that you can invite to bid, or you can sit back and let the bids come to you. There are no limitations on the number of invitations you may send or bids you can receive.


Select a professional

We'll provide you all the information needed to make the smart choice, including contacting professionals via chat. Once you have indentified the right person for the job, award the project and get started. We don't regulate how you do business with the professional that you choose, we merely make the connection and let you get to work.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many projects can I create?

As many as you want! We put no restrictions on the number of projects that you can create in a given time period.

How are suggestions selected?

When a project is posted and the skills that the customer requires are listed, we search our database to find those professionals that most closely meet the requirements and present the customer with a list of professionals sorted by the number of skills that matches. User reviews and star ratings are not a part of this process, so new members have an equal opportunity to get work as long-time members. 

How is the project managed?

We make the introduction, but do not manage the relationships that we create. We ask that you mark the project complete when all work is done and provide feedback regarding your experience, but do not enforce it.

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