Frequently Asked Questions

How many projects can I create?

As many as you want! We put no restrictions on the number of projects that you can create in a given time period.

How many bids can I submit a month?

As many as you feel qualified to submit. We place no limits on the number of project bids that you can submit, however you can only submit one bid per project.

How am I charged?

Posting a project is free.  Listing your professional skills requires only a small monthly fee.

We don't charge you per bid or per project and we don't take any commissions.  All you pay is a flat monthly fee, protected by Forever Pricing.

What is "Forever Pricing?"

 Just as it sounds, the price you are paying today is the price you will always pay.  Over time our monthly subsciption price may increase, but your rate will stay the same - even if you cancel your account and return later.  Posting projects will always be free.

How often will I be billed?

Your professional membership will be billed monthly on the anniversary of your signup date.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes.  Although we'd hate to see you get, you may cancel your account at time.  No refunds are given for partially unused months.  If you decide to return, your profile data and subscription price will be waiting for you.

What if I closed by account and want to re-open it later?

We'll be happy to have you back, and at the same subscription price that you orginally signed up with.

How can customers find me?

Your profile will be available to the general public, including your social media links, and anyone can contact you through those methods.  To contact you through the site, a potential customer will need to first create a free account.  Customers can invite you to bid on projects or contact you directly.  We aren't here to dictate how you interact with them, we're just happy to make the introduction.

How can I find a project to work on?

There are a few ways that you can get a project, and they all begin with a complete profile.  Listing your skills on the profile helps us to match you with projects that are a good fit, and you can submit a bid for the job based on those suggestions.  Customers can also see you are a recommendation and invite you to submit a bid.  Additionally, customer can simply search for the skills they are seeking and contact you directly.

What if I have questions or issues? How do I get support?

We are here to help.  You can Contact Support at any time for assistance.

Who can sign up?

Everyone is welcome! We don't have pre-conceived skills that you have to fit into.  Whatever your skills, someone out there is likely seeking them, and we're here to make that introduction.

How are suggestions selected?

When project is posted and the skills that the customer requires are listed, we search our database to find those professionals that most closely meet the requirements and present the customer with a list of professionals sorted by the number of skills that matches.  User reviews and star ratings are not a part of this process, so you new members have an equal opportunity to get work as long-time members. 

Do you process payments for a job?

Not at this time.  We are considering offering a payment page for professionals as a courtesy, however we do not and will not manage or enforce the payment(s) for a project.  Payment arrangements should always be well defined and agreed to before commencing work on a project.

How is the project managed?

We make the introduction, but do not manage the relationships that we create.  We ask that you mark the project complete when all work is done and provide feeback regarding your experience, but do not enforce it.

I've awarded my what?

Once the project is awarded, the contact information we have on file will become visible to both the project owner and the professional awarded the project.  We recommend that you get in touch right away and schedule a project kick-off meeting to get started.  Consider signing a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (MNDA) and a Services Agreement or other similar contract.  Be sure that both parties are in agreement as to the payment structure, timetable for completion, and objectives of the project before commencing work or exchanging monies.

Do you arbititrate disputes?

No.  We merely make the introduction and allow the parties to conduct business as they see fit.  We always recommend that a Services Agreement is in place before work commences on a project.  Should you encounter gross abuse or fraud, please tell others about it in your review, and Notify Support immediately.

What if I don't mark the project, "Complete?"

That's okay.  Eventually we will mark the project completed for you, but you will miss out on the opportunity to tell others about your experience.  While ratings and reviews are not an integral part of our process, they provide valuable insight for others and we appreciate your assistance in providing it.

How do I get started?

The best first step in getting started is to complete your profile.  After that, check our getting start guide

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